Healesville Game Studios acquires assets of Jarokn Games

HEALESVILLE, AU – Earlier today, CEO of Healesville Game Studios James-Robert Knight headed the company’s acquisition of the assets of Jarokn Games, his former company which had ceased operations on March 3rd, 2017. The price was a transfer of US$1 into the PayPal account of Healesville Game Studios.

Jarokn Games’ assets will now be wholly owned by Healesville Game Studios, and the current games on sale by Jarokn Games will be taken down, with only the five previous purchasers retaining access to the games they have bought.

James-Robert Knight also announced that Jarokn Games had sold four copies of The Stadium Project and 1 copy of Don’t Touch My Teddy Bear for Windows in Jarokn Games’ lifetime for a total revenue of US$6.50 over three and a half years.


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