Lottery Simulator released on

HEALESVILLE, AU – This evening, Healesville Game Studios has finished work on their first game, a small tech demo called Lottery Simulator.

The game’s description follows:

Lottery Simulator is a text-based simulation of the Illinois lottery known as Lucky Day Lotto! The simplicity of this lottery means it’s easy to grasp the rules, and indeed the game is a two-button game! Rise up the ranks from “N00b” to “Richest Person Alive” in this low-stakes, low-prize virtual lottery! Beats blowing money on the real lottery, considering the odds of winning are less likely than being struck by lightning! (Oh crap, wasn’t meant to say that. Hope the boss doesn’t find out)

The game while available for free as a browser game is priced as pay-what-you-want with a minimum of US$1 for a Windows version. Further work will happen to the game as and when required, but at this stage, it is feature complete.

The game can be purchased at


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