The Timeless Battle to be submitted through Steam Direct

HEALESVILLE, AU – In the wake of the announcement of Steam Direct and its indie-friendly fee of US$100 per game (recoupable after US$1,000 in sales on the Steam platform), Healesville Game Studios has resumed development on The Timeless Battle and is preparing to submit it through Steam Direct at the nearest opportunity.

The Timeless Battle is an incremental game stylised as an RPG, where you must defeat the Dark Lord over multiple generations of your bloodline, earning money and experience from damaging the Dark Lord to pass down from generation to generation as you slowly build up your bloodline’s innate power to prepare for the day when you can finally strike him down for good!

The game will feature a few achievements for gamers to complete and will hope to feature unique trading cards with the online avatars of the developer and the friends who inspired him, dependent on whether or not Steam will allow such.

A release date will be announced when it is feasible to do so. A “Coming Soon” page will be on Steam shortly after submission approval.


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